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Did You Know That A Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Has Been In The Works?

I didn't but we got updated that it's coming out this coming Spring

Maybe I have been sleeping under a rock but apparently, Scott Cawthon, creator of Five Nights at Freddy's, has teamed up with Blumhouse to make a movie adaptation. Now I don't care if this movie turns out to be crap! Animatronics does it for me! Something that has been haunting me since my little kid Chuckie Cheese days!

According to Cawthon's post on Reddit, the film is well underway developing rapidly and there will be more updates very soon. The movie will be based on the lore, the characters, the animatronics, and pinpoint what fans love about the series.

It turns out the movie has been stuck in development for years and the creators had to pick through lots of different versions of the script that may or may not be fitting for a film version.

Before we get to the bad news concerning the state of the Five Nights at Freddy's movie, I wanted to share a brief history of the FNAF screenplay. It's been a long road, so let's take a look at some of the screenplays that have come and gone over the years, in no particular order... Some of these came from big studios, some from big directors, some from me, and some from other hired writers. I gave the screenplays a name, and I'll include a brief synopsis, as well as what ultimately led to each screenplay being rejected.

Some names of the screenplays considered have been listed as:

- F

- Plushies Take Manhattan

- Random Charlie

- Pawn Shop

If you're a fan of the series and are looking at these names then you're probably not surprised that none of them stuck.

All Five Nights At Freddy's games are available on the Xbox GamePass!

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