Did You Know The Direct Link Between Edgar Allan Poe And This Football team?

Quoth The Raven, "Nevermore".

Are you a fan of one of the masters of horror and dread, Edgar Allan Poe? And yes I mean that praise. A lot of people think he is on a pedestal because he has a couple well known works and because he was from 1800's, and we idolize historical figures.

That's partly true, but that's not the only reason why he is great. His works are scarier than the best modern horror writers (Sorry, King.) He has great prose. His flow is smoother than butter. I can watch Friday The 13th then sleep alone in a tent next to a lake.

But, if I read Edgar Allan Poe at night and I hear a tapping at my chamber door, my blood turns a bit icy.

But did he know his direct ties to the football team, the Baltimore Ravens? Either you already do, or now you immediately know the connection now that you see the two names next to each other.

Edgar Allan Poe spent a lot of his life in Baltimore, and he also died and was buried there. Years after his death, there was a vote in the town to name their football team. The name "Ravens" won with 33,288 votes. The name was dedicated to Poe's most famous work, the poem "The Raven."

But that's not the only connection, their mascot is named "Poe." After who, you ask? Edgar Allan Poe, of course.

Did you know this connection between horror and football??

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