Directing Duo Behind "The Endless" And "V.H.S. Viral" Will Be Directing Marvel's Moon Knight

The series will be starring Oscar Isaac

I am huge fan on the MCU. It is one of my favorite things that exist on this earth. And out of all the upcoming MCU projects, Moon Knight is one of the projects I'm looking forward to the most. And it was just announced that the horror directing duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead will direct some of the episodes!

The duo have directed some of the coolest smaller budget horror films of recent years. Their works include The Endless, V.H.S. Viral, and Synchronic.

Benson said this on Twitter:

"We're directing some episodes of Marvel's MOON KNIGHT starring Oscar Isaac. I had this comic handed to me when I was 8 years old & haven't stopped thinking about it since. And with Mohamed Diab also on it, genius director of CLASH... Tempted to thank an ancient lunar deity."

Moorehead said this:

"I still can't quite wake up from this dream I'm having, that we're directing Oscar Isaac in a Marvel show. It's really happening."

The MCU is known for hiring smaller indy directors to helm their giant, big budget blockbusters. And the results of that have usually been amazing. So it's not surprising that they're bringing that same philosophy to their Disney+ TV shows.

There is no release date yet for Moon Knight, but it is speculated to come out on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

Are you excited for Moon Knight??

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