Director of 'Unhinged' Bringing Teenagers into The Middle Ages for His Next Film 'Black Forest'

Just released his new film, already prepping for his next!

With his new success with Unhinged, a film about a man (Russell Crowe) battling an extreme case of road rage... Director Derrick Borte already has his next film lined up according to Deadline. The movie is another horror-thriller titled Black Forest.

“The film will alight on a group of university students backpacking through Germany’s famed Black Forest. Through inexplicable phenomena the students find themselves transported back in time to The Middle Ages. Separated and hunted by local villagers, the students find themselves targets in a Medieval-style witch hunt.”

Said Borte, “This is a wonderful chance to sink my teeth into the contemporary horror genre.”

Borte also co-wrote the script for this one, alongside Daniel Forte.

Did you see Unhinged? Are you excited for Derrick's next film? Let us know in the comments!

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