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Don't Listen Is A Well Done Take On Paranormal Cliche

I love Spanish ghost films

Don't Listen is a new horror film on Netflix that might have caught your eyes before scrolling past it due to the underwhelming title. We loved Don't Breath, but then you see Don't Listen thinking 'copycat' and you'd rather Don't Watch, but this wasn't so bad.

A very normal and happy Daniel and Sara move into a new home in the country. Tagging along is Eric, their only son, who's later found dead in the pool. After a period of grief, Daniel senses the paranormal when he hears his son's voice. Hiring a supernatural investigator, he attempts to find closure.

I love foreign films, Spanish ones especially. There's something terrifying to me about the language. That on top of the macabre type films produced by Spanish filmmakers. In fact, the haunted house formula is dry to me at this point so foreign renditions feel fresh.

Going in blind you may enjoy this movie. I guess I can say that I enjoyed it, but after watching it I'm not even thinking about it. Even after the twist at the end. Decent horror movies have lasting effects, this one I had to remind myself to write about it. Am I just a tough nut to crack? I'd love to say, but let's talk about what was done right.

The tone of this film is exactly what I expect and was explaining earlier from a Spanish made film. Dark, Creepy, Gloomy. It was done so well that when grief was to be had between the characters I felt a little remorse in my own heart. I lost a friend, my son, my wife, when watching. It wasn't too heavy for the matter, I was able to get through it without tissues.

The built suspense is what made this a worthy enough watch for a movie night setting. Movies that build suspense should not be watched passively. All though, some scenes stale, due to the film attempting to hit on multiple predictable cliches, the pacing and suspense remained steadily the same throughout.

The family performances were decent. You saw Sara conflicted with trying to start over a new life and more worried about that than the monster under her son's bed. You see Daniel, also skeptical as he was the most distant from the family, which is why I think it's interesting he was the last of the family to be kept alive.

Germán was my favorite character as he was the private investigator invited to the home to search for activity. He played a character that was very much aware of grief for he lost his wife, and was willing to bend over backward for Daniel while knowing the repercussions of playing with fire.

I really enjoyed watching his character arc because while searching for ghost activity in the house he experienced seeing his deceased wife has a paranormal apparition which showed him how powerful the entity the family was dealing with.

Overall, I say it's worth the watch but it's nowhere near a memorable experience besides the first death scene in which we saw a women take a branch through the head, and the third death scene where we saw Sara get hung and thrown through a glass window The Omen style.

If you've seen it, what were your thoughts?

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