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Donnie Darko Is Coming Back 20 Years After The Original Cult Classic

I think this is perfect timing for Donnie to come back to save my universe

Donnie Darko is one of those films that you just can't help but enjoy. The psychedelic story experience, the strange and demonic bunny-man, and Jake Gyllenhal's deep melodramatic performance.

Richard Kelly is back to go further into the Donnie Darko universe to pull off something that could perhaps be much bigger than the events in the first film. 2020 was bad, but Kelly demands a larger budget Donnie Darko movie and I am all in. Don't put all your eggs in the basket, the story has made huge progress but is not yet at a foreseeable stage to get too excited.

I think some more Donnie Darko movies would be highly necessary. Maybe, it would explain a couple of questions that still stand from the first film.

Apparently, thee James Cameron has had to push Kelly to continue with the sequel. This film bears a lot of weight and stress to continue the prophecies and mythology of alternate dimensions and such but Cameron himself has had a few words with the director of the original.

Hopefully, soon we get some more information on this but this so far is some of the best news I've heard this week!

Would you like a whole Donnie Darko movie franchise?

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