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Doom Eternal Coming To Nintendo Switch For Doomslaying On The Go

Next Bethesda can just put their Fallout titles on the Switch and we'll be good...

I can't believe it. First, Crysis Remastered and now first-person fast-paced horror-action shooter Doom Eternal will be ported to the Switch.

I keep underestimating the hardware, or am I? Speculations of whether or not this will be a good port? We'll have to see it on launch, which is only a week away. In my opinion, Panic Button does a really great job with their ports. Of course, fragments of detail won't be as clear for there will be compensation for the port.

Don't have a Switch but want to see what this game's about? Well, that's easy. Doom Eternal is available on PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

If you do have a Switch and are not sure which platform to get it on, you'll be able to take advantage of the Switch's gyro motion control aiming. This is the closest thing to holding the weapons in your hand.

As for a specific date, December 8th is when you can experience the chaos for yourself.

Also, the Ancient Gods DLC will not be included. You can enjoy a fun PVP Battlemode that after playing the first, I'm inclined to check it out.

You're still getting the core experience of this massive game and I am so excited for anyone to try it!

What's your favorite Bethesda title? Pick! There are so many!

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