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'Doom Eternal' Coming To Switch On Digital

If the switch can run Crysis than I guess Doom Eternal won't be too bad of a port

Doom Eternal is an amazing game by Bethesda and the perfect holiday gift for any gamers in your household. I'm actually surprised this will be ported to such a small system. I guess I'm underwhelming the processing power of Nintendo's latest system.

This game will be just digital when it is released as Gamestop has been canceling pre-orders for the physical left and right.

“While Doom Eternal is 100% on track for an imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical release at retail resulted in canceled pre-orders. Affected customers will receive full refunds and should contact their preferred retailer for more information. Stay tuned for much more information coming later this month.”

- Bethesda

If you don't have the Switch awaiting the release, the game is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the next-gen consoles coming soon.

Best game on the switch? Cough smash brothers cough...

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