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Dying: 1983 Will Force You Threw Puzzles While Being Chased By A Walking Fish

because why the hell not?

I love horror puzzle games. They're a testament to your wits and ability to perform tasks under fear. Dying: Reborn once put you in short and long corridors with plenty of puzzles to complete and every corner to check. The fish monster that slowly pursues you is terrifying and I can't wait to check out the sequel. I'm thinking I'll play it on stream.

Description as seen on Steam:

In this first-person puzzle game, Dying 1983, you will operate the protagonist to freely explore the 3D scenes, using a variety of props collected to solve one puzzle after another, ultimately discovering the hidden truth behind the scenes.

The beginning of next year is when the 2018 follow-up plans on release. Players will be reacquainted with Fishhead with a look even more terrifying than the last.

If you're interested in this series, take a peek over at the Playstation store or check it out on Steam.

For now, take look at the debut trailer:

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