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'Eight For Silver' Sundance 2021 | New Werewolf Movie Production Footage BTS

Here's a sneak peek at the violence and gore that previewed at Sundance this year

In 19th century France, werewolves terrify a small town in this gritty, gothic style horror movie.

The film, directed by Sean Ellis, hasn't received the best reviews due to lacking CGI effects and sequences dragging on for too long but the film does have great things going for it.

The film starts with John McBride, played by Boyd Holbrook, determining the cause of death of a small boy in the woods. The situation causes panic and unease amongst the townspeople, initiating a hunt. What follows is nightmarish. McBride's family is cursed, people disappear, dark pasts are uncovered.

The cinematography looks to be astonishing with Sean Ellis having slight similarities to the way Robert Eggers dresses his films. Just from the thumbnail above, I can tell this will be tastefully moody grim.

Are you a fan of werewolf films?

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