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Emma Roberts Takes The Producing Chair In New YA Lesbian Vampire Series "First Kill"

2020 as we know it didn't have any Buffy-likes, so Roberts came to the rescue!

From Scream to American Horror Story, and now a vampire series to come to Netflix, Emma Roberts comes back with the scares.

According to Variety, Victoria “V.E.” Schwab's 'First Kill' short story will be transformed into a one hour long episode television series, courtesy of Roberts.

'First Kill' will cover the story of a teenage vampire, Juliette, trying to make her way into a powerful family of vampires. She will be required to make her first kill to be a part of this family. Then comes Calliope, a girl that Juliette sets her sights on. Moving in on the kill she finds out Calliope is from a vampire hunter family. Insert drama here.

What follows is an entangled love story similar to Romeo and Julliete, except it's vampire slayer and vampire.

The show will start with eight episodes with Roberts executive producing and Felicia D. Henderson as co-writer, show runner, and executive producer.

What's your take on this upcoming vampire love story? Will you give it a go or let vampire stories alike rest for another hundred years?

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