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'Etched Memories' Is Indie Horror Game Let's You Play AS... Well... The Thumbnail

Name a horror game where you get to play as a cat... I'm waiting

Scratch Studios (this all makes sense now) has created a horror game where you can experience first and third-person what it's like to be a cat in a scary situation. If you're excited to try this out now, it's available as a demon on Steam for PC. I'm not in the market for Cat sims but if you slap horror onto it then I'm game.

Synopsis as seen on Steam:

You are Biscuit, a tabby cat who wakes up one night to discover that his mom is gone. Obviously, you’ve got to search for her, and all the while you’ll be uncovering your past as a research subject.

Until the release date is announced, I hope you enjoy the demo!

What's the weirdest horror game you've ever played?

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