Exciting New Immersive Details Emerge for 'Resident Evil: Village' on It's PlayStation Page!!!

The hype is REAL.

While we are aware that Resident Evil: Biohazard was a highly controversial entry to the series, we personally LOVED it. It had beautiful graphics, an enticing set of characters paired with an incredibly terrifying atmosphere. Was it necessarily the same love we have for previous entries of the series? No. But it was a unique entry and we are thrilled to see what comes next. With that being said, Resident Evil: Village is right around the corner!

Sony recently updated their PlayStation page in anticipation of Capcom's eighth installment to the RE series. The information included a list of graphical enhancements for the PS5. First off, the game will feature ray tracing. That was a given, but a very welcome addition. Users will not be able to take advantage of that without the access to a 4K & HDR compatible display. Thanks to Sony's incredible SSD, Village is also said to include virtually no load times!!!

WAIT, THAT ISN'T ALL! Village will also utilize PS5's haptic controllers, specifically when firing weapons. The goal is to immerse players in the world as much as possible, that paired with the adaptive triggers that allow the users to "feel the weight and pull of weapon triggers".

Audiophiles, you weren't forgotten. Village will use Tempest 3D AudioTech as a way to push the immerse even further with "carefully crafted music and sounds of survival horror".

These settings are currently unique to the PS5 and we have yet to find out what Microsoft has planned for the game on the Series X device.

Resident Evil Village arrives in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Are you excited for RE: Village???

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