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Last Night I Started 'The Medium' By Bloober Team And I Am Hooked

Come check it out on Twitch!!!

Last night, I entered one of the most immersive and atmospheric experiences this year. I started as Marianne helping the soul of her father pass-through by equipping him with a particular belonging that I had to find. Then, I received a call where I was then on my way to the Niwa hotel, abandoned after human remains were unearthed. I solved puzzles through the material world and the spirit world in the most Silent Hill-Esque fashion with Bloober Teams' modernization.

I solved puzzles, traversed creepy hallways, met a creepy dead girl named sadness, and lastly, I had an encounter with a demon that I think is the main antagonist of the game. He chased me down a hallway, captured and killed me, and there I thought it was a good time to end my 2 near 3-hour session streaming last night.

The launch trailer got me even more hyped to jump back into the game. This is exactly what I needed and more from the team that did Observer, the atmospheric dystopian detective horror title that had me tensing up at each turn of the corner.

The puzzles are cool and engaging, and easy to figure out as long as you remember that you have the tools. Solving problems from the material and the spirit world was intense and super mind-bending at times having to pay attention to both screens. I caught myself paying more attention to the spirit realm just because of how cool it looked while the answer was in the material realm.

Try this game out for yourself, it dropped on the Gamepass for PC and is available on the Xbox Series and on Steam.

Are you excited to try out this new title?

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