Freeform show "Siren" Canceled After Just Three Seasons

"Siren" Has been canceled after just three seasons.

Did you know there was a horror TV show revolving around Mermaids? Yeh... Well, honestly it was pretty fun. Sadly despite strong ratings during the first 2 seasons (The second season was Freeform's most-watched series of the year on the network), the third season lost momentum.

The story was written by Eric Wald and Dean White, "Siren" was a TV show based in the coastal town of Bristol Cove, known in legend to be home to ancient mermaids. The arrival of Ryn (Eline Powell), leads to chaos unleashing upon the small fishing town.

Even though it appears we will never see a 4th season (Netflix, maybe you can save this one too) I still highly recommend checking out all 3 seasons on Amazon!

Have you seen it? Are you sad to see the show canceled? Let us know down in the comments!

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