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French Director Julia Ducournau Follows Up Her Debut Film 'Raw' With 'Titane'

Ducournau is here to tell us that she is here to stay

Julia Ducournau's debut cannibal film, 'Raw' became critically acclaimed and caused Neon to get ahold of her second film, Titane, right away. Plot details are currently being withheld at the moment.

The image shown above tells me that Titane will gear towards horror, and based on how similar 'Titane' sounds to the word 'Titan', I can guess there may be some body transformation stuff.

Neon has informed us know that the film will likely be releasing late this year. It will be produced by Christophe Reymond.

Check out Julia Ducournau's debut film Raw if you haven't already. It's available on Vudu and Amazon Prime.

What film by a first-time director was the most shocking debut to you?

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