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Fright Night 2: Ressurection Tom Holland Update

Please exit if you clicked for SpiderMan

Ladies and gentleman, it's been so long since 1985s Fright Night. Quite shocking to hear the writer and director Tom Holland is working on a long-awaited sequel to the film but you know, 2020 came with all sorts of punches, jabs, and surprises.

What was initially meant to be a book has now got fans of the classic sweating at their palms for this sequel to one of my favorite 80s horror movies.

Let's forget about the 88' sequel. You want Holland doing the title justice. You'd be happy to hear he's bringing back Billy Cole and Jerry Dandridge, and as many other characters from the original as he can.

So there you have it, the title, and the returning characters. How excited are you?

In your top 10 horror movie list, which number is Fright Night?

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