Game Of Thrones Showrunner's Explains Why The Books Most Horrifying Character Was Cut

She Led The Brotherhood Without Banners

Warning. MAJOR SPOILERS for the Game Of Thrones TV show and The Song Of Ice And Fire Books Follow!

Do you remember Catelyn Stark? Wife of the great Eddard Stark, and mother to Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon? If you're a fan of the series, of course you do. And I imagine you also remember how gruesomely she was killed in the penultimate episode of Season 3.

At the infamous Red Wedding, her throat was slit as she pleaded for her sons life. The then King In The North, Robb Stark. Who, in case you didn't know, was also killed at the wedding. Oh yeah, so was his new bride, and their unborn child.

Yepp, that may be a tear forming in my eye.

But for all you TV fans who haven't read the books... you may not be aware of the horrifying Lady Stoneheart.

Who is Lady Stoneheart, you ask? Well, she's the resurrected Catelyn Stark. She is often a thing of myth, until we see her in the flesh. Or lack there of. Her eyes are like red coals. Her wounds haven't healed. She's cold, and unforgiving. And she leads the Brotherhoods Without Banners on a revenge campaign against Lannister forces. And anyone else who have wronged her or her family during her life.

Incase you don't remember, The Brotherhood Without Banners were the group lead by Ser Beric Dondarrion. The badass with the eye patch and flaming sword.

But... she wasn't in the television series. Why is that? We finally have the answer!

"There was never really much debate about including Lady Stoneheart."

Said Benioff, one the shows two showrunners. He did mention the one amazing scene in the books, where she makes her surprise appearance at the end of book 3 would have made for great television. But they decided overall not to include it.

""That was the only debate. The scene where she first shows up is one of the best ‘holy shit’ moments in the books. I think that scene is where the public response came from."

Added Weiss, the other showrunner. Benioff chimed in again to add:

"Too many resurrections start to diminish the impact of characters dying."

Of course, he's referring to the resurrection of Jon Snow. They believed that if they had brought back Catelyn, it would have weakened the impact of bringing back Jon Snow later down the line. And I actually agree with them.

Also, they didn't want to ruin the impact the Red Wedding had by bringing back one of it's most saddening fatalities. The showrunners added:

"Catelyn’s last moment was so fantastic, and Michelle is such a great actress, to bring her back as a zombie who doesn’t speak felt like diminishing returns."

However, author of The Song Of Ice & Fire series himself, George R.R. Martin, apparently wanted the character to be included in the series.

"Lady Stoneheart has a role in the books. Whether it’s sufficient or interesting enough. I think it is or I wouldn’t have put her in. One of the things I wanted to show with her is that the death she suffered changes you.”

Martin said. However, the books are unfinished. Martin still has two more books to complete. And Lady Stoneheart's purpose is far from known. I think the showrunners weren't sure how to include her properly. And instead, they went the safe route. Which, in my opinion, was probably the right choice.

But I can't wait for The Winds Of Winter to come out so I can read more of the story as the creator intended!!

Are you a fan of The Song And Ice And Fire Franchise??

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