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'Ghostbusters': LEGO Revealed A New LEGo Model Of The GhostBusters Ecto-1 Vehicle

Ghostbusters: Afterlife gives collectors something to add to the shelf

Being a collector is a tough gig, especially when items like this land on the shelf and you have to look at your wallet and say, "yeah I can do it". The above picture is just a standard model but the pictures I post below will show the intense detail implemented into the new LEGO models.

This is priced at $199 so it's a little pricey but don't worry because it won't be available till November 15th so you can pick up a few extra shifts until then.

The 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance is an iconic vehicle from the movies and is a must-buy for super fans of the LEGOS and the Ghostbusters franchise. If Ghostbusters had a huge part of your being you should allow it an afterlife by picking up this collector's pick.

A disclaimer, if this pertains to you, is that the set is 2,352 pieces and I'm sure assembly is required.

Given that you're here means you're contemplating this buy so... send us some pictures of your completed Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set!

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