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Halloween Jumps Into The Already Spooky And Disturbing World Of 'Mortal Shell'

Because why not take scary and add a touch of scary, with a side of scary?

Halloween scares are coming to the souls-like that came out recently this year. I would like to keep my PC monitor without any cracks in it so I probably won't be grabbing Mortal Shell this weekend. After the Dark Souls series and games alike, I think I can leave the rage behind for a few years... until Elder Ring comes out...

Developers Cold Symmetry released Rotten Autumn, a Fall Halloween update to their Dark Souls Knock-Off. Players will recieve 10 shell shades, mini quests, photo-mode, and an alternate boss fight. This is practically a DLC but it's actually a free update which is pretty neat!

If you're on the fence like I am, the developers also pinned their game at a 20% discount for the occasion. It now sits at $23.99. Okay, I might get it.

Have you heard of Mortal Shell? Would you think about trying it?

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