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Hamlet Will Be A Unique And Horrific Rendition Of The Classic Telling

This Shakespeare classic is about to get a reimagining bloodier than the last

Like Pennywise, Hamlet comes back in a Major Motion picture retelling about every 20 something years. Of course, those numbers might be off but you know what I mean. Anyway, it seems that director Ali Abbasi's adaptation will stick true to its graphic intent.

Headlining for the lead role is Noomi Rapace, an actress you may recognize from her starring role in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Yes, the role she's playing was of a male's but this isn't exactly the story you remember.

Hamlet is a tragedy set in Denmark that plays as a revenge story between Prince Hamlet and his Uncle Claudius. It's powerful, bloody, and is the most inspirational, most performed, and overall legendary piece in the world.

Hamlet is a dream project in its purest and most explosive way. I’ve been hoping, dreaming, wishing for this as long as I’ve been an actress.

- Actress, Noomi Rapace

Sjon, who wrote The Northman with Robert Eggers, wrote the script.

Filming for the movie will begin Fall of next year.

What do you think of the world's most famous story getting a bold rendition?

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