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'Hubie Halloween' Is Good Spooky Fun For The Whole Family!

Another ridiculous and slightly raunchy rom-com by Adam Sandler for you to enjoy on Netflix

Last year, my favorite Comedy actor, Adam Sandler, put up an extremely impressive performance in an American crime thriller called Uncut Gems. Sandler then told the public that if he didn't win an award for his performance he would produce four shitty movies out of pure revenge. Now at face value that sounds pretty awful.

Not for us Sandler fans.

We wanted more of what Adam Sandler always did back in the day... some charming and completely harmless PG-13 comedy.

Teaming back up with a lot of longtime colleagues and most notably, Steven Brill, who directed Lil Nicky with Sandler in 2000. You get just what you wanted out of Hubie Halloween. For the first time since Happy Gilmore, we see Sandler acting alongside Julie Bowen, who plays as this movies love interest.

For those who are well versed in Sandler films can also expect some very comical cameos. We are treated with the likes of Ben Stiller reprising the role of Hal from Happy Gilmore during the opening scene. Shaquille O'neal makes a lovely appearance, as well as Keenan Thompson's first time working with Sandler on a film. Additionally, Sandler's very own daughter takes part of an acting role in this film.

Ok, now let me name off some veterans we all know and love. Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider are all hilarious, and at each and everyone of their on-screen appearances I'm smiling at just the over the top ridiculous nature of their characters. You will recognize plenty more characters like Ray Liotta, Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows, and George Wallace.

What an absolutely star studded film and it was filmed last year around Labor Day right in my hometown of Salem, Massachusettes! I have been waiting all year for this film to be released so I may be incredibly biased!

Adam Sandler for the upteenth time in his career plays the underdog who everyone laughs and jokes at in the nonfictional unofficial Halloween capital of Salem. He plays Hubie, a super sweet kind of loose in the head dude, who just wants to protect his hometown. Think of The Boy Who Cries Wolf. There is an exception though, for Hubie stumbles across something dangerous that will change Halloween forever. Equipped with a thermos that can comically do pretty much anything, Hubie lurks into the night to find out what evil is haunting Salem.

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Don't expect anything different. This is your average Adam Sandler flick and it's just as much of a good time as the rest. The movie dropped today on October 7th exclusively for Netflix.

Are you done with the quirky Sandler movies or are you like me, patiently awaiting the next one?

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