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I Am Addicted To The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina On Netflix

I'm letting you in on my guilty pleasure but I want to tell you why I shouldn't be guilty

So I wasn't ever going to watch this one because I associated it with the family/comedy/fantasy/drama Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I very much enjoyed that show as a kid but I had grown out of the family-friendly shows. However, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is not at all family or comedy. The show is dark, bloody, and deeply rooted in its themes of witchery exploring interesting facets of its witch lore based in Massachusetts.

I'm trying to steer away from recreationally watching horror movies just so I can have better reactions to the podcast episodes. In another case, I don't want to spoil a horror movie I may end up watching again on an episode. That should exclude horror series, but I am admittedly a rebel of sorts and gave in to the urge. You can forgive me, right?

I didn't watch this show on purpose. I normally cannot sleep without a television on so I put on something I gauge would be too boring for an attentive view. Sometimes, this is how I find my shows, in other situations it's how I find the perfect white noise.

How it helps me find the right show you ask? Well, I don't fall asleep right away. The show has one episode before I fall asleep to hook me. In this case, it was the first bloody death scene with Mrs. Wardwell in the pilot that took me by surprise.

This won't be an opinion but a recommendation. I look at the reviews and I'm only one season in but regretfully it looks like everyone hated season or part 3 and 4. I suggest the first two seasons as a huge breath of fresh air as the original Sabrina story is reimagined in the best way possible.

If you're still hesitant wait a bit for me to finish the show, typically reviews can be very biased but this is a recommendation, what will you think of the show?

From everything to the lighting, to the acting, to the camera effects, to the creatures and ghouls, this show just has what I need. It almost seems straight out of Harry Potter which may seem biased but Harry Potter is my absolute favorite. I still get along with the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans so if you didn't enjoy this one we can meet halfway somewhere, I watch a lot of other fantasy and sci-fi shows as well.

Did you watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch?

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