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TRAILER | 'I Am Lisa' Is A Werewolf Revenge Story With A Unique Twist

Have there been a lot more Werewolves in films as of late?

I Am Lisa is a brand new Werewolf film that will follow a female protagonist conflicted between satiating her desire for revenge with her new powers or leaving the beast at bay.

Lisa is played by Kristen Vaganos, who is joined by Chris Bylsma, Cinnamon Schultz, Manon Halliburton, and Jennifer Seward.

A young woman barely survives a brutal beating by a local sheriff and a subsequent wolf attack. She awakens in a remote cabin in the woods, to discover that she has gained strange, new powers…powers she can use to exact revenge upon her attackers.

This looks like it could be really cool!

I am Lisa released through Mill Creek Entertainment today on March 16th, 2021.

Are you a Werewolf fan?

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