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I Watched "The Mortuary Collection" And It Was Incredibly Fun

I thought this was going to be victim to too much hype, but it lived up to the expectations

The Mortuary Collection is a Shudder exclusive.

(Spoilers Follow)

Just want to come right out and say, Clancy Brown was my favorite part of this entire movie. It's like he was a creepy mortician in his past life. Every time he was on screen I was constantly getting that fuzzy feeling that he was going to deliver.

Of my favorite types of horror films being anthology series, I was immediately sold. As soon as this one came to Shudder, I stayed up a little past my bedtime.

The Mortuary Collection is neat and consistent. Wonderfully shot. The score was incredible. Each story told was either eerie, funny, or introspective.

The introspective parts were the most compelling. Social commentary has found its way into this version of the Tales From the Crypt, as some skits may make you think.

The raunchiest part was when roles were reversed when a popular college man didn't practice safe sex and became pregnant. Totally wacky sentence, but it fit in with the overarching theme of every corpse having a story, and every person having consequences for their actions.

The first story Montgomery Dark told I could hard pass on, and could have gone without, but the stories did increase in darkness and intensity leading to that scrumptious double plot twist towards the end!

Oh, and that ending, was perfect to close out the movie. The drifter who we found out was a serial killer turned into some sort of Frankenstein's bride lady. It was a very nostalgic feeling as we end with her being stuck with running the mortuary for eternity, or until she can employee someone else.

What's your opinion on this one? Do you enjoy anthology's as much as we do?

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