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IGN Released New Gameplay Footage Of Observer: System Redux

A sequel to the dystopian crime detective first-person horror game by Bloober Team

I got the chance to play Observer on my Xbox One a couple of years ago. It was a great experience for the first half with lots of atmospheres, creepy dystopian themes, blood, gore, and neat detective scenes.

I play a ton of horror games but this one stuck out to me just because of the first half of the game which in my opinion was one of the most immersive experiences. It fell apart towards the end with over the top eclectic horror sequences but I do recommend experiencing the game for yourself.

Observer System Redux is a remake of the original game with ramped up gameplay mechanics and new technologies. This will give players new to the game the chance to experience the game as they should given the current update in consoles.

Rutger Hauer of Bloober Team talks answers questions about a new 20-minute gameplay video posted by IGN of the new technology that will feature in the Observer.

The horror with people and technology has become ever more present these coming years and where the two intersect and become one is what Hauer talks about in this video. It's another demonstration of the Giger-esque vision that has been reimagining itself through new eyes.

Hauer answers tolling questions like, "Are we going to destroy ourselves with technology."

Throughout the campaign, you will witness horrific terrors due to technology that have dawned upon this futuristic settlement.

The Cyberpunk adventure will come to PC (Steam), Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X.

Have you played Observer? Does technology scare you as much as it scares me?

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