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'In Sound Mind' Joins A Flurry Of Psychological Titles This Year To Boggle Your Mind

This isn't a normal first-person experience, are you brave enough for these encounters?

In Sound Mind is the next psychological horror title to make you question reality as bounds will be broken in this first-person title coming to you from the development team We Create Stuff. Recently unearthed was the news of the game dropping to the Nintendo Switch platform, so you can take horror with you on the go.

The Nintendo Switch doesn't get a whole lot of love as the console and only handles up to 30 frames on average. A recommendation for spooky and psychological horror on the Switch for me in The Sinking City, a Lovecraftian horror detective tale that sticks you in a terrifying environment full of aquatic horrors.

The game will be available for a feasible $34.99 as the deluxe edition which includes the Living Tombstone digital soundtrack will cost you $39.99.

In Sound Mind is a first-person horror experience that pits you against the unpredictable dangers stirring within a series of individuals’ memories. In Sound Mind twists seemingly simple recollections into shocking encounters with terrifying threats, unbelievable scenes, and a mysterious talking cat for good measure.

Pre-order today through Maximum Games to get your hands on this title on day one.

What's the freakiest psychological horror game you've experienced?

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