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James. A. Janisse's 'Dead Meat' Is The Perfect Channel For Horror Fans


It's time to tell you about my favorite Youtube channel today. James A. Janisse is to the bone a huge horror fan. He is a producer and editor for Dead Meat and the Dead Meat Podcast. He has also taken part in the movie Hunters in 2016 before Dead Meat. What he does for the community is amazing. Going to conventions, interviewing our favorite horror actors, covering the movies, getting in touch with the fans. You can also see the man in the first In Search of Darkness documentary film.

Janisse has been doing Kill Count videos on his Dead Meat channel for three years, all chock-full with horror movie knowledge. I'd say this channel is absolutely essential and will help you learn more about horror on top of getting up to date with any movies.

Having just released a Kill Count for Never Hike In The Snow, a short Friday the 13th fan film that brings old actors back to the nightmare, I figured I'd cover Janisse.

Let's be honest you don't have time for the horror movie and you're mainly in there for the kills. Janisse knows exactly this, and he wants you to be proud and embrace your love for the horror!

With Dead Meat I can get a quick synopsis of almost any film I chose and never miss a death scene.

"Welcome to the Kill Count where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies."

James A. Janisse is creative and charismatic in all of his summaries. I absolutely love the energy he brings. I'm telling you he's no amateur in the craft. His commentating over the films are absolutely hilarious. I catch myself laughing at the crude, dark humor, and chuckling at some of the cringe puns he uses from time to time. All in all, Janisse pulls off very positive energy for such dark and unsettling subject matter. By him, I've become the proudest to be a fan of the genre.

Janisse has a ton of incredibly charming quirks to his videos with running jokes that have fans coming back every time. It's honestly hard not to spoil the movies for myself now.

Each rundown of the movie is about half an hour depending on the density of carnage the movie has. Within that runtime, you are getting incredibly detailed content where you will come out learning something each time, even if you think you know it all.

On his channel watch Kill Counts of movies such as Ready Or Not, Babysitter, Invisible Man, Carrie, Sinister, It, and way way more.

Typically, Janisse would upload every Friday, which more than often changes due to the climate.

Join the carnage and subscribe to his Dead Meat Youtube Channel NOW!!

Do you enjoy movies for the kills or would you rather watch it in its entirety?

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