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James Wan and Jason Blum work together To Bring You New Film "M3GAN"

Renowned Horror Directors Bind Together To Bring You Murderous Robotic Toys

Luke Cage's Akela Cooper put together the script for this upcoming Blumhouse production. Get Out actress Allison Williams to will also star and be an executive producer.

We have seen these two work together in the past before to create the nightmare that was Insidious in 2010, a film that James Wan directed and Blumhouse head Jason Blum produced.

The film has been in the works since 2018 and is expected to be released this fall.

Williams will play a character named Gemma, who is a world class roboticist at a toy manufacturer.

Using artificial intelligence, she creates M3GAN. An extremely life-like doll that's intended to be any child’s best friend. Gemma unexpectedly has to take full legal custody of her niece. She then tries to use the M3GAN prototype to help her out in the parental journey. A decision that proves to be a bad one.

The film will share similar themes with movies like iRobot, where technological dependency takes a turn for the worst.

I'm not big into supernatural murder dolls besides Chucky, but I do have full faith in the Horror Golden Boys.

Are you excited about this tech-horror or will it be tech trash?

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