Jamie Lee Curtis Talks About HALLOWEEN KILLS - Gives Some Plot Details + Hints At Halloween Ends

What are your thoughts on the 2018 Halloween film?

Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018 Halloween film, was suppose to be out already. But, needless to say, it has been delayed until October 15, 2021.

But to hold you over, Jamie Lee Curtis has given us new info about the plot in a recent interview with SiriusXM.

When describing the plot of Halloween Kills, she said it's:

"about a mob. So what I will tell you is that what we were seeing around the country of the power of the rage of voices, big groups of people coming together enraged at the set of circumstances, that's what the movie is. The movie is about a mob. And so it's very interesting, because it takes on what happens when trauma infects an entire community. And we're seeing it everywhere with the Black Lives Matter movement. We're seeing it in action and HALLOWEEN KILLS weirdly enough dovetailed onto that, preceded it, it was written before that occurred. So when you see it, it's a seething group of people moving through the story as a big angry group, it's really, really, really intense. It's a masterpiece."

2018's Halloween was very much about Laurie, and how she has been dealing with her trauma over the events of the original film. However, Halloween Kills will be about how:

"trauma isn't just Laurie's. It was the entire community. It was the police officers. It was the little children. And that's to me, by the way, that's all the genius of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. It's all their construction. And again, I want to remind everybody, it was pre Black Lives Matter movement, and yet the same activity takes over in HALLOWEEN KILLS."

That's a lot of info given to us by the amazing Jamie Lee Curtis, however she only gave us just a slight hint about Halloween Ends, the film that will follow up Halloween Kills. But it was a very exciting hint. She said:

"It's amazing, it's just amazing, it really has to do with the nature of evil and the legacy of evil."

Are you excited for Halloween Kills??

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