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Jamie Lee Curtis To Play Patricia Tannis In Eli Roth's Borderlands Adaptation

I'm having more faith in this movie as updates keep coming

If you didn't know, Eli Roth is making a film adaptation of Borderlands, the most successful videogame franchise selling 66 million units worldwide. It's about time we got some movie work and by a master of horror, to bring the very necessary dystopian and gritty tone to the film.

Patricia Tannis is a researcher studying the vault on Pandora and is one of the main NPCs in the Borderlands franchise. She's been a researcher there since before our first vault hunters set foot on the planet. Her character will potentially be played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie Strode in the Halloween films.

Jamie Lee Curtis will be perfect for portraying Patricia Tannis' intelligent side

The film is directed by Eli Roth and has Cate Blanchett playing Lilith, and Kevin Hart as Roland.

Borderlands isn't so much a horror game but I have faith Roth will integrate horror into the movie.

Who do you wish to play Mordecai (Jared Leto?), Brick (Batista?), Dr. Zed (Benedict Cumberbatch?), or Marcus Kincaid (Ken Davitian?)?

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