Jason Blum Confirms HALLOWEEN KILLS Will Never, Ever, Ever, Be Delayed Again...

"Vaccine or no vaccine"

Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018 Halloween was suppose to come out TODAY. October 16th, 2020. But, it didn't.

Why? Well... if you really need me to tell you, you're truly lost. (The reason was because of COVID. Because it's my job I actually have to tell you why.)

Halloween Kills, like so many other films was delayed. It's new release date is October 15th 2021. And according to producer Jason Blum, that will always be the release date. It will never, ever, be delayed again.

"If this (Covid) is still going on next Halloween? No, we're not holding it. HALLOWEEN KILLS is coming out next October come hell or high water, vaccine or no vaccine. It is coming out."

Jason Blum, of Blumhouse, said.

That's good new for horror and Halloween fans around the world. However, I doubt they'd have much of a choice. If it's delayed again, it'll have to be pushed back to 2022. Because no way in hell would they release a Halloween film in a month other than October. And from a business perspective, they can't sit on this film forever.

Are you excited for Halloween Kills and the return of Michael Myers??

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