John Carpenter Officially Working with Blumhouse for 'The Thing' Reboot!

Well, if he's on board so are we!

Inspired by the 1938 novella titled Who Goes There? John Carpenter's 1982 film The Thing became an instant classic and still, rightfully, has a massive cult following. While it wasn't the first adaptation of the story, the first being a 1958 film titled The Thing from Another World, it is still known by horror lovers as the best one.

Check out the novella that inspired The Thing!

When rumors surfaced of a reboot, fans were... Skeptical. Let's be honest and say the 2011 "Premake" of The Thing was underwhelming for most fans. But it would appear that we may have some hope! John Carpenter, the legend, has agreed to officially come on board for the new film. After establishing a healthy work relationship for the new Halloween, which many people including us adore, it would appear that they are getting ready to jump into a new remake franchise.

During a panel at the Fantasia International Film Festival last weekend, Carpenter had revealed he had shown interest in assisting Blumhouse found Jason Blum and they had "Talked about" a reboot of The Thing. He continued by saying that he would be "involved with that, maybe. Down the road."

According to Variety, they have gone ahead and confirmed that Carpenter and Blumhouse are now officially developing it together. "The porject is still in early stages, and no other details have been hammered out."

If you don't have the collector's edition of The Thing yet... You're welcome.

Are you excited to see Carpenter return? Did you like the 2011 film? Let us know in the comments!

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