John Carpenter's "PRINCE OF DARKNESS" Coming To 4KUHD Thanks To Scream Factory!

One of Carpenter's lesser known hits

Contrary to popular belief, John Carpenter didn't only make Halloween and The Thing. If you're on this site, you probably know that since you're a horror snob. But I'm sure on or two of you happened upon this news but a random twist of fate.

Scream Factory! released a collectors edition blu-ray for his film Prince Of Darkness a while ago. But now they are upgrading it to 4KUHD!! And if you pre-order from their website, you get a limited edition poster. (While supplies last!)

This is going to be their second 4K release. Their first is another John Carpenter film, They Live. Which is coming out in December.

I'm not complaining, but I wish their 4K releases had the same amazing original artwork that their blu-rays have.

Pre-Order your copy from their website HERE!

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