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Kane Hodder Teases Upcoming Contributions To The Horror Genre

It's looking like we'll see Hodder back into the world of video games

Kane Hodder was recently hired for a Cameo where he spilled the beans on some upcoming work. If you don't know what Cameo is, it's a way for celebrities to make a little side cash through short videos of themselves doing whatever the paying customer requests of them.

I suggest taking a look at Cameo... Riff Raff loves sending personalized videos...

He recently had done some motion capture for the Friday the 13th game and had just admitted on the Cameo video that he was in the works on a new franchise. What the franchise is? We'll soon find out but damn is this big news.

This video was brought to us by the Youtube channel Slash 'N Cast. Check it out here.

If it was my guess, I would go with the obvious that he was working on a Hatchet videogame. I mean, the NECA doll had just been developed and there's been a strange surge of activity toward the series recently. Who knows, I could be wrong but if I'm right I would absolutely love some more Hatchet.

It could also be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre for we are getting a new TCM movie next year!

Let us know down in the comments what this game could possibly be or if you agree with me!

What do you think Kane Hodder is working on?

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