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Killer Klowns From Outer Space 2 Can Happen If You Do This One Thing

The director of the original would like some e-proof that you want this to be real

Guys... This is Z's favorite horror movie and I think he would like a sequel to this iconic 80s cult classic. If this is also a favorite of yours, or you're like me and want to make Z happy so he doesn't fire you, then submit a small slip to MGM requesting the sequel.

Stephen Chiodo, The director of the original Killer Klowns From Outer Space is actually taking names right now because he is on the brink of making a sequel to one of the cheesiest movies I have ever seen.

Now, this film never got a sequel despite how wildly entertaining it was. That was never out of the conversation though. The Chiodo brothers have been attempting a sequel since the first one's release. Can you believe it was almost a TV series?

The reason we do this here at the Bloody Pulp is for the community and all of us to band together for such things as this. I need all Pulp Cult members to write to the Chiodo Bros right now so that this cheesy ridiculousness can be upon us. Now, let's make this a Netflix film/series.


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