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'Knives Out' Rewarded $450 Million For Two New Sequels Starring Daniel Craig

I don't care if they end up not being as good as the original, I just want Daniel Craig detecting

Knives Out was released in November of 2019 and starred Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis', and Ana de Armas.

The hit Who Dunnit mystery film featured Daniel Craig getting down and dirty on a mind-boggling murder case with an entire privileged family deemed suspects. $450 million dollars was reportedly dealt out to keep Craig in a peacoat solving crimes throughout two more sequels.

Rian Johnson, director, and writer of Knives Out will be producing these sequels for Netflix, as it's projected to be a giant move for the streamer. It's crucial that productions land deals like this to keep content on their platforms to beat out the races with competitors like Disney and Amazon. Knives Out will make a substantial addition to Netflix's selection.

This movie did well as a standalone, what other standalone could you see getting sequels?

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