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Layers Of Fear 2 Creates Passionate Storytelling In Horror

A psychological horror game that brings you into the mind of an actor struggling with identity

Horror can either throw you in a labyrinth to be chased by demons or it can put you into the head of someone who's completely disturbed. We'll cover everything in the middle too. Last week, news of Bloober Team's Observer: System Redux popped up on radar and then maybe yours, so then I remembered I had Layers of Fear 2 in my game library.

I popped that baby in, told some of my friends to come to watch me, and we went through the whole thing. Now I'm not boasting about my ability to play through a horror game in one sitting, I did jump like a little girl at all the scares and cried like a little bitch every time I was chased, how else do you play horror? The thing is, I normally play horror in small doses but give me some good story and narration and I'm sucked in.

I loved the atmosphere and the sound design the most. Every set piece I feel was put there just to mess with my mind. Everything was cleverly placed to set off that trusty gamer intuition for then me to be fooled by the game doing something the complete opposite of what was expected. When I finally get to sit down and don't feel like I'm doing the same thing I've always done, I genuinely feel pretty happy about it.

It's essentially a walking simulator... on a ship. You do a few puzzles, you get chased, you see a few cool effects, and then it's game over. Overall, no better than the predecessor, but I still very much enjoyed this one.

Bloober Team just nails their gameplay, storytelling, visuals, and sound design everytime.

Z and C are the film buffs and I'm an avid horror gamer. Let me know if it's more horror videogame content from me you want and I will give it to you. Before I go, I hope you check out this game on PC and look out for some more recommendations on the site!

Do you favor narrative storytelling horror or over the top violent horror games?

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