Let's Talk About That AMAZING Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere

Holy FFFFFF, that was one of the best episodes of Fear EVER.

No Spoilers For Season 6 (But Spoilers for Season 5) Follow

The last time we saw Morgan Jones, in the last scene of season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, he took a bullet to the heart. Well, not the heart, but right next to his heart. As he was left bleeding and dying, he learned that his love interest, Grace, was pregnant. A small glimmer of light at the end of his long, long, dark tunnel.

As he was bleeding in the dark, a group of walkers approached him. And he took his walkie talkie to tell those close to him, to "Live. Just Live." And that's how season 5 ended.

What Follows Is Slight Season 6 Premiere Spoilers

Season 6 begins six weeks after we see Morgan close to death. He is alive, but barely. His bullet wound is infected, and it smells so bad (like death), so walkers straight up avoid him. Virginia, the leader of this seasons rival group, The Pioneers, (and the woman who shot him at the end of season 5) contacts a man on walkie.

That man is named Emile, a bounty hunter that she hires to track down and kill Morgan. The whole episode focuses on Morgan being hunted by him. And it is a thrill fest, and amazing.

What follows is FULL SPOILERS for the Season 6 Premiere

As Morgan is being hunted by this man, he meets another man named Isaac. Who was a soldier during the war on terror, and who also happens to be a medic. Isaac helps Morgan escape this man through the duration of the episode.

We also learn the Isaac is trying to get back to his wife, who is pregnant and close to giving birth.

During one of their altercations with the Bounty Hunter, Morgan shoots him in the arm with barely any hesitation. Something Morgan has never done in Fear. He is changing. Slowly regressing back into his old ways of killing and bloodlust, like how we saw him last in the main series The Walking Dead.

Eventually Morgan and Isaac get back to Isaac's camp, where they team up to kill a whole horde of walkers together. They then meet Rachel, Isaac's pregnant wife.

But that small moment of happiness is lost when Emile finds them. And almost kills them both. However, in an epic battle of staff VS battle axe, Morgan manages to get the upper hand, and impales him.

As the bounty hunter lay bleeding on the ground, he tells Morgan that he doubts he will kill him. Morgan, shocking the whole viewer base, picks up the man's battle axe and beheads him.

Morgan than passes out due to his injuries. When he awakes, he learns the Isaac has removed the bullet that has been stuck inside of him for 6 weeks. But that's not all. He also learns that Isaac was bit during their altercation with walkers, and that during the night, he had died.

Rachel buried him peacefully. Luckily, he died after she gave birth. And he was able to briefly meet his new daughter. Who, in a heart warming moment, they decided to name after Morgan.

At the very end of the episode, we see Virginia driving in her convey, but their path his blocked by piles of walker bodies. She gets out of the truck and finds a box in the middle of the road that contains the Bounty Hunter's head.

She gets on her walkie and addressing Morgan. She says that if he tries to intervene in anyway with her plans, she will kill all of Morgan's friends one by one.

Morgan, without hesitation, responds. He says: "Morgan Jones is dead. You're dealing with someone else now." And it was one of the most badass moments in all of Fear.

I think we are finally seeing the perfect version of Morgan Jones. He is usually too far on either side of the spectrum. He either doesn't want to kill at all, and is way too peaceful, or he is bloodhungry and a cold blooded killer.

I think we are finally about to see the perfect balance of Morgan. Someone who doesn't want to kill, but will if he has to with no regret.

Did you watch the Season 6 Premiere of FEAR? What did you think of it??

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