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Little Nightmares II Demo Available On Steam

One of my most anticipated horror titles, I can't wait

Tarsier Studio's hit game Little Nightmares has a second game on its way that horror gamers are absolutely drooling over. We won't be getting the game till next year but a demo has just been released on Steam. Console players will have to wait a little longer though for the demo will be up at the beginning of next year.

In the second installation, you are no longer a young girl in a yellow raincoat trapped in a mysterious maw. In the demo, your name is Mono, and a distant signal tower is sending out waves changing the perception of the world around you. You begin your journey in a creepy forest to go towards it.

Little Nightmares 1 is available on Switch, PC, XBOX, and Playstation. On February 11th, 2021, Little Nightmares 2 will be available on all platforms including next-gen.

Little Nightmares

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