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'Lost In Vivo' Is One Of The Most Underrated Hidden Gems In Horror Video Games

A claustrophobic and psychological first-person experience that will mess with your head!

Lost In Vivo is a single-player indie horror game by Akuma Kira, which is on Steam for $13 and will take up 4GB of space on your drive. I say this game is underrated, despite the very positive reviews, because I've never heard of it until one day that I decided to take a deep dive for a new horror game. I also haven't seen much praise for it since completing the game and then looking around to see what others had thought of it. Unlike some, I refuse to keep this secret and I have been dying to share this for days.

So, the game starts with you walking your dog down the street during an oncoming rainstorm. The rainstorm sweeps away your dog down a storm drain and you then inevitably chose to go after it.

Pretty straight forward... until you get down in the sewers and the game doesn't take its sweet time to try and terrorize you.

Lost In Vivo will throw you so far down the rabbit hole you'll ask yourself "is my dog even f**king worth it anymore?" In my case, yes, the little animated Corgi that can only tail wag and dislocate its hip bone to walk swaying left and right was far worth it when I got around to saving the poor thing.

In your case, you might forget about the damned thing, for this is one of the strangest experiences in games ever.

The game consists of you shooting down nightmares in claustrophobic areas while trying to solve some slightly complex yet cleverly put together puzzles. The nightmares are all part of the fun because you don't know why they're there. You're just in such tight places you're convinced there figments of your own mind. In fact, every time you die in Lost In Vivo, it progresses the story as if it was intended.

Lost In Vivo will attempt to gaslight you around every corner. Some people have experienced weird game glitches that were different for others, that they were convinced was part of the game, solely because of how much it will mess with you. Nothing game-breaking, but some have experienced their volume bar suddenly being stuck at zero, and their sensitivity bar slowly receding. But those are just the few nitpicks I had to add in the name of fairness. This game is well worth the price point, and a great scare!

Are you brave enough to get lost in the creepy underground looking for your dog?

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