"MANEATER" Will Be A PS5/XBOX Series X Launch Title!

According to Cult Leader Z, this game is actually fun!

I haven't played it. But I do like sharks. Maybe not as much as Cultist Scribe K, but still. The game looks enjoyable and I'll be dying to play whatever I can get my hands on when my PS5 comes out on November 12th!

If you already have the game for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will have access to the upgraded version for free when the new consoles drop! The upgraded version will include native 4K HDR, ray tracing, 60FPS, and better lighting effects!

In the meantime though, pick up the PlayStation 4 version HERE or by clicking on the link below! (The next-gen version will assumedly be digital only! So why not grab a physical copy and just take advantage of the free upgrade??)

Grab the Xbox One Version HERE!

Are you a fan of shark stuff?

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