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Mann's World Will Revolutionize Vacation Horror Stories

Because getaway stories ruined by unfortunate events were getting stale

Distant planets, corruption, intergalactic wars from the inspiration of Deliverance and Jurassic Park. Does that sound good to you?

Not a huge comic book reader? This may not be for you. Me? I have a few issues in my desk next to me. Artist Niko Walter is the main artist working on the comic.

He and Victor Gischler worked very close together to make this vision come to fruition. With the overarching story in mind and then in illustration, Walter had a whole lot of creative breathing room.

Mann’s World is a science fiction thriller that puts Deliverance and Jurassic World in a blender. “Four buddies with a complicated history embark on an adventure vacation that takes a left turn into hell when they run afoul of the locals. Navigating a hostile prehistoric landscape with a pack of relentless killers on their trail, four men test the limits of their friendship and, indeed, their own morality. What is each willing to do to survive?”

- Editor, Axel Alonso

Published by AWA Upshot, this collaboration will be launching next year on January 13th, 2021.

Are you into comics? What are some favorites of yours?

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