Marilyn Manson Will No Longer Be In THE STAND Mini-Series - Ezra Miller Cast

The Stand is a month away and we are just learning this exciting piece of casting news!

It was announced a while ago that Marilyn Manson was cast in the upcoming Stand mini-series, based on the iconic Stephen King novel. It was reported that he was going to play the beloved character referred to simply as The Trashcan Man.

But apparently, that wasn't true. Marilyn Manson was never going to play Trashcan Man. He was originally going to play The Kid. A horrifying character from the expanded and uncut edition of The Stand novel.

But. Sadly for all Stand (and Marilyn Manson) fans, all of his scenes were cut from the final script. So there will be no Kid in the upcoming CBS All Access mini-series.

But what was announced, is that The Flash himself, Ezra Miller, will be playing The Trashcan Man! (Pictured above.) I think he has a persona that will bring the character to life perfectly.

The Stand will be coming to your TV screens on December 17th on CBS All Access!

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