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'Masquerade' Will Feature Bella Thorne As A Home Intruder

Hey, get out of my house Bella Thorne!

Masquerade is a new thriller featuring Bella Thorne as a home invader after some priceless artwork.

Deadline has the full synopsis here...

The film follows 11-year-old Casey (Alyvia Lind), who must survive the night after a group of intruders, led by Rose (Thorne), break into her family’s home to steal their priceless artwork. The stakes are high as the crew will stop at nothing to get what they want until a shocking twist ending. Skyler Samuels, Mircea Monroe and Austin Nichols also star.

Shane Dax Taylor wrote and directed.

I don't know how these people expect me to think Bella Thorne breaking into my house is ever going to be scary.

What celebrity would you not mind breaking into your house?

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