Mike Flanagan's Adaptation Of Stephen King's Revival Is No Longer Happening...

This is horrible news to start off 2021 :(

Mike Flanagan is no stranger to Stephen King adaptations. His incredible adaptation of Gerald's Game is on Netflix now, and it's a feature to behold. He also directed the fantastic Doctor Sleep. He also stated that his dream project is to adapt the entire Dark Tower series. Which... please make that happen. Whoever is in charge of that decision, MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

Besides being fond of Stephen King projects, he also has a whole list of other horror stuff. He is the mastermind behind Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House & Bly Manor. Along with the films Oculus, Hush, and much much more.

One of his upcoming projects that I was really looking forward to, was a film based on Stephen King's 2014 novel Revival. But sadly, that is no longer happening.

When asked on Twitter if Revival was moving forward, Flanagan broke the news. This is what he said:

"Sadly, it's not. That project won't be moving forward unfortunately. While REVIVAL and MIDNIGHT MASS both involve priests, MIDNIGHT MASS was conceived several years before REVIVAL was published, and similarities stop at the white collar. Really wish I could've done them both!"

So there you have it :( Revival is dead. (Let's hope it get revived, though. Right?)

That's not the first bad news about a Mike Flanagan project that broke recently. He also stated that he has no plans for a third season of The Haunting anthology series on Netflix.

But, he is hard a work on Midnight Mass. A new Netflix series that he created.

Midnight Mass Synopsis:

An isolated community experiences miraculous events – and frightening omens – after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious young priest.

What is your favorite Mike Flanagan project??

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