MIMIC RETURNS... as a television show

Anyone remember Mimic? Yes, that 1997 Guillermo Del Toro film.

Well, it's coming back! But sadly, Del Toro won't be connected to the project.

Instead, it's being brought to us by Paul W.S. Anderson. You know, the guy who directed most of the Resident Evil films, and the upcoming Monster Hunter adaptation.

Paul W.S. Anderson is controversial, to say the least. Some people love his flashy, quick cutting style. Other people... don't.

I should also add, it won't be a film. It's being turned into a TV series. Anderson will direct the first episode, and serve as an executive producer for the series. Jim Danger Gray, of Orange Is The New Black fame, will be showrunner.

Here's a quote from Anderson about the project: “The world of insects has been a long term fascination of mine. So much strength and organization from such tiny creatures that have existed long before humankind, and will survive long after our demise. It’s an exciting world that I’m thrilled to jump into"

Now one important question needs to be asked... What role will Milla Jovovich play?

Are you excited for a Mimic TV series?

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