Music For Horror Movie Lovers: The Silver Scream

It can be hard to find music that goes along with a love of horror movies. However, when I found Ice Nine Kills 2019 album The Silver Scream I couldn't get enough. The whole album was on repeat in my car for weeks.

Every song is based on a different movie.

The Silver Scream features songs based on 14 different horror movies, and has a sick cover of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Initially, it became a game to try and guess which movie each song was from. I even got my younger sister - who is as big of a horror fan as I am - to help me figure them out. Most of them are pretty obvious if you've seen all of the movies, but it was still fun to listen for clues and try to figure it out!

The Track Listing

1. The American Nightmare. Based on Wes Craven's 1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street, this song is a killer (a little pun intended) start to the album.

2. Thank God It's Friday. A wonderful tribute to the 1980 film Friday the 13th. The final cut includes an acoustic version as well.

3. Stabbing in the Dark. They, of course, had to honor John Carpenter's 1978 film Halloween, because the album couldn't be complete without it! Stabbing in the Dark also has an acoustic version on the full album.

4. Savages. I first heard this homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing on the local radio station, and didn't realize what the song was about until after I'd found the rest of the album. The acoustic version of this song is quite the contrast from the original, but it works just as well.

5. The Jig Is Up (featuring Randy Strohmeyer of Finch). My personal favorite song from The Silver Scream - one that I've listened to more times than I want to admit - is about the 2004 slasher SAW. Which, to be fair, is also one of my favorite horror series.

6. A Grave Mistake. Inspired by the 1994 movie The Crow, this song adds some nice contrast to the more scream-y songs like The Jig Is Up.

7. Rocking the Boat (featuring Jeremy Schwartz). Of course, with all of the other classic horror movies, these guys couldn't forget about Spielberg and JAWS! Even including the most famous line from the 1975 film, "you're going to need a bigger boat."

8. Enjoy Your Slay (featuring Sam Kubrick). They went a step further with this song about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. This song features musical artist Sam Kubrick, who is director Stanley Kubrick's grandson.

9. Freak Flag. While not as famous as some of the others, including a tribute to Rob Zombie's 2005 The Devil's Rejects adds an awesome feel to the whole collection.

10. The World in My Hands (featuring Tony Lovato of Mest). This may not be exactly a "horror movie", but this song is a fun take on the 1990 Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands.

11. Merry Axe-mas. Thank goodness for this, my angsty rock xmas playlist was looking a little sparse. Based on the 1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night, this song is ready to fill all of your holiday horror needs!

12. Love Bites (featuring Chelsea Talmadge). Keeping with classic movies, but shifting from straight slasher to horror comedy here, we've got Love Bites, a tribute to 1981's An American Werewolf in London

13. It Is the End (featuring Peter "JR" Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake, and Will Salazar of Fenix TV). I feel like the lyrics here are some of the most obvious right from the beginning of the song - this is about Stephen King's It.

14. Your Number's Up. The last original song is inspired by Wes Craven's 1996 slasher, Scream. I think it ties together the album nicely!

15. Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover). Their cover of Thriller is amazing. I'm sure you all know the song, and this version is so good!



If you're into horror movies (Which, if you're here, you are.) I highly recommend giving the

album a listen.

Do you have a favorite horror movie themed album or song? Is there a movie you think they should have done, but missed? Let me know in the comments!!