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(n) Blood Vessel [Bluhd Ves-Uhl] - Nazi Ship With Vampires On It

An entertaining Vampire flick for an uneventful night-in

Blood Vessel is an Australian movie that is exclusive on Shudder. We start with survivors who arrive on a raft after some attack by the Nazis. They arrive on this Nazi ship in hopes that they have been saved but stumble into the grasps into a family of vampires.

This is more than just a vampire movie. It attempts to innovate in the parts of the film that I enjoyed the most (the parts that weren't cliches). A good sense of mystery was had as the survivors are discovering bodies throughout the ship burned to crisps and you can only wonder what has happened prior to their arrival.

There's some inner turmoil between the characters because of the time period, but the writing felt a bit too stale for that dynamic to intrigue me.

The vampire was really good looking but not scary for I think less screen time would have changed that, given that they didn't show up until relatively late in the film. A lot of vampires in films like 'Shed' look very human-like but the filmmakers went the extra mile to make this vampire look creature-like.

The aesthetic aspect of this film was very well done. Splashes of red, black, and gray made this film look higher budget. It pits desperation, isolation, desolation, and dread to the viewer.

I'd say give this one a chance if you're willing. I had fun.

What's the best vampire film you've watched this year?

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