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Neca Announces 40th Anniversary Ash Williams Figure

A wonderous collectible for your home to celebrate Evil Dead's 40th Anniversary

Evil Dead is a legendary movie known for its practical effects and over-the-top horror elements. It's a cult classic and I'm pretty sure cults watch it in the middle of the woods. With that being said pulp cult, tomorrow around 7ish in Black Hills Forest, Burkittsville, Maryland?

Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead turns 40 this year and it wouldn't be NECA to not be on top of this occasion. The figure would include accessories that include the weapons he's wielded in the movies like a chainsaw and shotgun, with the additional lantern and tape recorder.

We don't have images of the figure but count on us to bring them to you soon!

Do you think anything else special will happen for this anniversary, like another movie?


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